Saturday, August 15, 2015

Up Cycling an Old Door


After carefully cleaning up the door I painted all but the center panels.

Using blue painters tape I taped off each center panel .
Black chalkboard paint was then applied to 
each center panel using a small roller .
It took 3 coats to get a nice base for writing on with chalk.
Sanding in between each coat of paint will keep your chalkboard surface smoother.
I used a 180 grit sanding block .
After the chalkboard paint was dry I carefully removed the painters tape.
I used a commercial saying for the Live,Laugh,Love.....
Using Sharpie brand markers it was fun ,fun adding the squiggles and swirls .
The grandchildren's names were added using stamps and free handing with  Sharpie brand  oil base markers .
No science here I just eye balled and winged it free hand!
This was the fun part!

I incorporated the door in my kitchen by mounting it to the back of the island ..
When hanging the door, holes have been placed at the top.
 This was my preference so the holes could be used to hang chalk that I put into a chalk holder.

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