Monday, January 16, 2012

A Link To Starbella crochet

Steve and I ,Nana out for the evening . Look at how classy my Starbella scarf is !!

This is the link for information on how to make a scarf like I was wearing to the installation and shower this last weekend,January 14th and 15th.
We had all discussed the possibility of crochet vs knit....well here it is.....
You can crochet as well as knit,I knitted mine.
Don't be intimidated and think that it looks hard because it really isn't.
I did discover that aluminum knitting needles make a slick work surface.I was fooled at first and thought that was what I wanted but really I didn't. It was much easier when I purchased a pair of bamboo knitting needles.With the wood the yarn is not as prone to sliding off. If your work does slide off the needle don't hyperventilate as I did because you can work it back through,you will see where the needles came out and slip them back through.
The scarf I was wearing was made with about 3/4 skein of yarn as I wanted a shorter scarf. I have seen them done longer and they look great too. Length is a personal preference.
I did notice you can order the yarn directly from Premier yarns .com ,cool !!
If you follow this link back you will see yarn products available.Since I made mine they have some new yarn colors that I am anxious to try.
I worked mine in the black,white and gray called Night Clouds.
I also have Plum Preserves,a purple and pink on hand to try next ;)
I forgot to say.....I Love this yarn !!
Happy crafting,


  1. Thanks Donna! Looks lovely!! Can't wait to give it a try!

  2. I Saw a crocheted bag with this yarn, but was not able to find instructions
    Could you help me

  3. Thirty One,
    Try the Starbella web site directly
    When you get there type in the search bar the name of yarn and bag
    ie: sashy bag yarn
    .Another helpful site is All Free crochet ,lots of free patterns there.
    That may work.I too have seen this yarn used for a bag.
    Good Luck !!